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About Us

Who we are at The Mix?

"The journey has not been easy but with focus, discipline, and hard work we can always achieve our dreams."

- Binta Ata, CEO & Founder of TOFC & The Mix.

It all started with a vision of bringing something new and different to the market, changing the conservative office space, look, and feel.

Established in 2008, The Office Furniture Company boasts 15 years of delivering high-quality furniture to offices and businesses across Ghana and neighboring countries like Ivory Coast, Togo & Benin.

Today, we take pride in collaborating with leading local and international organizations, offering exquisite furniture, flooring, and turnkey solutions. With a dedicated team of professionals, we are committed to delivering excellence.

This is how TOFC birthed the unique concept of The Mix Design Hub & The Mix Restaurant!


Our Story

The Mix is a multi-functional Design hub that introduces a new work-life concept by housing The Office Furniture Company (TOFC). Showcasing TOFC's exquisite pieces on our showroom floors, we provide a collaborative space for architects and interior designers to convene, work, and draw inspiration. Additionally, our ground and first-floor private meeting rooms offer a versatile alternative to conventional conference spaces, available for booking to accommodate diverse needs.

TOFC’s residency at The Mix Design Hub gives customers the privilege of experiencing and acquiring TOFC's exclusive range of office furniture and accessories.

Our founder envisioned The Mix to offer visitors a complete lifestyle experience. Choosing furniture is a significant decision for long-term use; thus, the opportunity to experience the quality firsthand and envision oneself using the products was central to The Mix concept. The inclusion of a restaurant and a multipurpose gallery space was a deliberate move to provide a vibrant and extended experience of TOFC showroom.

Our Values

We believe in Sustainability and Local Talents.

We share values of aesthetic, creativity and Identity.

Our Brands

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